Monday, April 23, 2007

Family Tragedy....

On April 14, 2007, I lost my dear uncle Knut Harold Odland after he was injured during a high speed police chase in Salt Lake City. The tragedy happened on Friday the 13th at about 5:00 pm. Uncle Knut was walking home from the Hideaway bar on 1700 S. Main Street when two cars collided in the intersection, slid toward my uncle, smashing him against a wall. He was rushed to a nearby hospital were hospital staff intensely worked on him. He later died from internal bleeding, he was 49 years old.
The Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office charged Donald Lee Snyder, 36, the man responsible for the tragedy, with manslaughter, failing to stop at command of police, theft by receiving stolen property and possession of a dangerous weapon, all second-degree felonies. He was also wanted for parole violation out of Virginia. The driver of the other car involved in the collision, 36-year-old Douglas Butcher, was listed in critical condition following the crash. Doctors told Butcher's family the trauma to his body was too severe and that there was nothing they could do to save him. He died a week later on April 20 from injuries he sustained in the crash.

Because this was such a freak accident, you can imagine the shock my family has gone through.
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Knut was my father's little brother, and because of his different lifestyle we did not see him frequently. In fact, my last memory of Uncle Knut was in my early teens. But each and every one of those memories are great ones.

Although this tragedy has been hard on the family, it has been a blessing in that it brought the Odland family closer together. Following the tragedy, all of the Odland's living in Utah got together for the first time in over a decade. I was able to travel home and spend time with my family. We gathered to honor and remember the life of our Uncle.All the Odland children, minus Tim A. It's amazing how such a terrible tragedy can strengthen family unity.

We will miss you Uncle Knut, hang tight, we'll see you soon.

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