Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mini Movie Review: Green Lantern: ★ ★

Never been a fan of any DC universe character outside of Batman, but Green Lantern wasn’t horrible. Ryan Reynolds plays the same character he does in all of his movies. The plot feels rushed and is very predictable. This might as well have been an animated movie but is definitely worth seeing. Check it out on a night when you have nothing better to do, but watch it on Netflix.

Mini Movie Review: Super 8: ★★★★

Super 8 was masterfully done, for once a film that lives up to the hype and effectively utilizes the audience’s imagination, just like the old days. I connected with this movie on many levels and it will forever be grouped with other favorites like: ‘the Goonies,’ ‘ET’ and ‘The Monster Squad.’ See this on the big screen, and make sure you stay through the credits.

I drew this!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Mini Movie Review: X-Men: First Class: ★★★½

Wow, surprisingly great! On par with Marvel's 'Thor,' 'Iron Man 2' and dare I say the best X-Men movie to date! I expected this movie to be terrible, but thankfully I was proven to be wrong...well done Marvel! Go see this one in theaters! There are a couple awesome cameos by familiar Marvel personalities!