Monday, January 19, 2009

Gearing Up For Sundance 2009....

Now that a new week is upon us, I find myself trying to mentally and physically prepare for my grand return to the Sundance Film Festival 2009 in Park City, Utah. I have not attended this annual collection of Independent films since I made my Utah exodus in 2006. As you can imagine, I am more than excited to make my return. With two "fest rookie" friends at my side, Matt (NY) and Megan (LA) we are going to conquer a total of 7 screenings in 4 days. Since the festival is already well underway (has been on since Thurs. Jan. 15), we will be a little behind the buzz, which from my experience will be to our benefit.

Our indy film adventure begins on Wednesday, when we fly into Salt Lake City. Matt and I have the exact same layover in Las Vegas, and coincidentally will be on the same flight from Vegas to SLC. We couldn't have planned it better! Once we land we will meet up with Megan, somehow, some way and will head to my parents house in Park City (pictured right). We'll hit the sack and rest up for the next few days, which will be mad busy.

Our plan will be as follows, feel free to meet up with us at the following screenings:

Day 1 Thurs. Jan. 22:

8:30 am Peter & Vandy @ the Raquet Club. (Matt's Choice)3:15 pm Big Fan @ the Eccles Theatre. (Matt's Choice)
Day 2 Fri. Jan. 23:

6:00 pm Black Dynamite @ The Tower Theater, Salt Lake City (Kristian's Choice)

11:59 pm Død Snø (Dead Snow) @ The Egyptian Theater (Kristian's Choice)

Day 3 Sat. Jan. 24:

9:00 am Moon @ The Eccles Theatre (Kristian's Choice)

8:30 pm Shorts Program V @ Prospector Square Theater (Matt's Choice)

11:59 pm The Informers @ The Tower Theater, Salt Lake City (Kristian's Choice)

As you can see we have a lot to look forward to this year. Many of these films are already getting lots of critical acclaim. Some have already been picked up for distribution (Black Dynamite). Although, I must say that my Norwegian bias paired with my love for horror movies has made Dead Snow the must see film of the Festival for me this year. I will do my best to give my take on each of these flicks in blogs to come. Stay tuned and stay warm while we're freezing our asses off in Park City.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My brother Timmy makes me proud!

A long time ago I mentioned that my brother Tim got a job for Skullcandy as a designing artist. It's been a trip for me to be shopping at my local Best Buy and spot an entire display of Skullcandy headphones with my brothers art all over them. As you can imagine, I am so very proud of my brother Timmy and all he's accomplished. In fact, it excites me to say that he and I are collaborating on something as we speak. Hopefully it will turn out to be something very special. Below is an add that appears on the Skullcandy home page. Isn't my brother BADNESS?