Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Changes on and around my mind....

I had a realization this morning after I fumbled out of bed, walked into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. That's it, I have had it up to my ears with my hair. I know the stereotype, just because I'm a dude, I shouldn't have that much to do with it, but every morning but I am tired of waking up hoping that my little strands of protein are in the mood to be arranged into a specific formation. As you ladies know, when these little guys* choose not to cooperate with your demands it turns into what you might call a "bad hair day." (*Side note: I am 100% unaware of any studies that have proven that hairs sprout from a newborns head with an assigned sex, but I'm going to call them "guys" anyway.) And, unless you ladies know any secrets to make the population living on my scalp work together, I'm going to play evil dictator and punish them my way without regard to their well being.

I know most men fear male-pattern baldness, but at this point the idea of having a limited colony residing on the sides of my cranium sounds pretty nice. Plus, the ones on the side kind of stay out of the way and only need a little attention. But it's always those ones on top that cause the most problems, so away with them (look on the bright side bald people, you don't have to deal with these narcissistic strands, be glad they have abandoned the shiny fields of your bountiful noggin). Take my current hairstyle for example. (I know, I have the whole Ed Grimley look going on, but it has seemed to work for me these past few months.) The problem with my hair formation is the rebellious group of hairs that stand front and center. You know, the ones who get all the attention, yeah, you got it, on my head it's that thing that looks like it should be on Donald Duck's ass. For the record, getting this group of show offs to work together on a daily basis is just about as common as reading that Bigfoot was recently found drinking a friendly cup of tea with Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump (No "bad hair" pun intended with reference to the Donald.). Basically it NEVER happens. And when it does, on those few and far between days, I'm looking pretty damn good.

So seeing that my hairdoo-doo looks bad more days of the month than it looks good, I have officially decided to change things up, completely. And if they still don't cooperate I have something special in store for this mutinous group. That's right, I'm will attempt to do to my do, the same thing the military does to it's recruits in boot camp. Cut their egos down to almost nothing and build them back up over time. The bonus would be that while my little follicles are working hard to rebuild each individual hair back up, I won't have to worry about putting them into any special type of formation. That is until they're ready for it. *sinister laugh* And that, my friends will not only save me time in the mornings, it will save me from the disappointment of my team not wanting to get along. Stay tuned for pictures....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fleet the parents...

I've been out in California now for a little over three months now and it truly is amazing to look back on all that I've done since my arrival. I think the weight of it all came to my realization when my parents showed up last week. They arrived last Tuesday (Jan. 9 2007) and I led them all around southern California until the following Sunday. Up until their arrival I had not understood the magnitude of the job I have. Like any job, you get used to your duties and tend to forget how many others would LOVE to do what you do. And my parents visit made me realize just how lucky I am.

It was the first time my folks have ever been out in the LA area. It was a lot of fun to take them to all of the sites. You know, downtown Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Universal Studios. As you can see, it was a riot. I hope they had a good time and will come back someday soon!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Weekend of DEEP thoughts....

This past weekend, I decided to lay low and not do much, which turned out to be very therapeutic. I spent most of the time catching up on films that I have not yet seen. And both made me think about the world we live in, but most importantly a little bit about the status of my life.

The first, Children of Men, starring Clive Owen, swept me away on a futuristic mission to save the human race from totally extinction. I must say that I had my doubts about the film before seeing it, but I was quickly sucked into the futuristic apocalyptic world, set in 2027, and found myself totally enthralled. The artistic cinematography and the unpredictable plot completely changed my mind about the movie. This film raises valid and important issues that are contributing to our troubles in the world today. For example racism, war and politics.

The second film I enjoyed was Stranger than Fiction, starring Will Ferrell. I had heard good things about this film, but I must say that I was also pleasantly surprised while watching it. This movie really makes you take a step back and look at yourself, your habits, routine, lifestyle; almost through someone else's eyes. The plot is unbelievable, but the writing is so clever that one looks past the obscurity of the plot and goes with it. I could identify with the main character, Harold Crick, a creature of habit stuck all alone in his world of boredom and repetition. If you need some motivation to make a change in your life NOW, this movie might just give you a nudge in the right direction.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Following Through...

Okay, I have to admit. Following through on my goal to blog once a week is turning out to be a but more challenging than I originally thought. Maybe it has to do with the time of year. Granted, I did choose to start doing this right around the holidays. So it's no surprise that I am having trouble finding time. Well a lot has happened since coming back from my holiday trip home. New Years, which was a lot of fun, was more memorable in 2006 than in any other year. Reason being, not only did I party well into the night, but only a few hours later I worked in Pasadena at the 2007 Rose Bowl Parade. Yeah, you're probably thinking that I'm crazy actually choosing to work at 4:00 am on New Years Day, BUT besides the fact that I was super tired and hungry, it was an experience that I will never forget. And no, I did not put a picture of marching storm troopers on this post because I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan, there were actually hundreds of the armor clad space soldiers marching in the streets of Pasadena. George Lucas was the parade's grand Marshal this year, so many portions of the parade were Star Wars themed. Overall, a great parade and fun experience.