Friday, December 22, 2006

Why Christmas is BETTER this year....

Every year Christmas seems to sneak up on us and many of us find ourselves asking the question, "It's Christmas ALREADY!" On top of the excitement for the holiday festivities, many of us spend most of our time worrying about getting that perfect gift for our friends and loved ones.

For me, many of those feelings are the same this year, only there is another added level of anticipation thrown into the mix that I haven't experienced in a long time. The best way to describe the feeling I'm talking about is to think back, way back, to your childhood. Remember the nights you spent looking out your bedroom window at the snow-covered landscape, dreaming of Santa Clause swooping in on his slay to deliver your much wanted present? Well that's the same level of anticipation that I'm talking about, only my anticipation isn't for the arrival of Father Christmas, but rather, for my arrival home.

For the first time in about 5 years, I'm living far away from my family. Unfortunately, one learns how much their family really means to them when they are separated from them for an extended amount of time. So in the same spirit a small child dreams about Santa bringing their favorite present down the chimney, I can't wait to come home for Christmas. And that is why it's better this year than any other year.

But it won't be easy. My journey home begins tomorrow, and I say "journey" because with recent weather problems in Denver this week, it truly will be just that. The first flight in two days took off from Denver's airport today, after a powerful snowstorm paralyzed the airport with up to 2 feet of snow (as you can see). Many flights were canceled causing major delays for the holiday rush. Hopefully, everything will be back on track this weekend. I can only wish that everything will go as planned and "I'll be home for Christmas" in one piece. And for all of you who may be traveling home for the holidays, may your travels be safe and bring you to your families in time for Christmas.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Why "Blog".......

You know 10 years ago "Blogging" was something unheard of. In fact, at that time if I had even heard the word "blog" thoughts of some sort of space alien or demon from the under world may have come to mind, not an online journal.

But in this day and age, "Blogging" has virtually taken over the Internet. The term "weblog," which was coined in 1997, became "blog" two years later (1999) When a man named Peter Merholz jokingly broke the word "weblog" into the phrase "we blog" in the sidebar of his blog That is a little known fact, but it changed history. Blogging evolved from the online diary, where people would keep a running account of their personal lives. But now people use them for just about everything else.

Everyone seems to have a blog these days; from political critics who need some sort of outlet to preach their political points of view, to science-fiction fans that write and speculate about upcoming movies, video games and comic books.

A "Blog" can be a powerful form of self-expression; so long someone takes the time to read it. That is why, today, I have chosen to embark on this quest called "blogging" in hopes to crack some smart ass remarks, raise some interesting questions and share experiences. And I will dedicate myself to this endeavor by writing at least one of these blasted blogs a week. And if, by any chance, I skip one, I probably have a really good excuse so save the criticism. With that said, it begins.........