Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Haven't blogged in a while. Here's why...

For the past few months things have been very hectic in the life of Kristian Odland. The madness all started at the end of July with Comic-con 2009 in San Diego. As usual the convention was completely enjoyable (as you can see in the photo). My badness brothers, Tim & Kyle, joined me at the convention and we partook in the geeky goodness. Click here to see all the pictures from the madness.

Only days following the magic that was Comic-con, came the Odland family vacation. I packed my bags and flew east to Utah to meet up with the family for our
week-long trip to Jackson Hole, WY. There was loads of outdoor fun to be had including canoing, hiking and swimming. But as it is true with all vacations, it went by WAY too fast. The downside of my vacation coming to an abrupt end was the fact that I had huge pile of stuff to deal with on my plate of life. A new job at KTLA and the giant chore of finding a new roommate.

Now, weeks later I'm working 7 days a weeks, have found a new roommate and couldn't be more content with life. Now I just need to get back to blogging. I have neglected you, oh Royal Journal, for too long now. Time to reconcile!

Oh in case you're wondering what I'm doing at KTLA, I'll show you...

Freelance news writer KTLA, Los Angeles
short by Sarah Grooters