Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life experience! I got to see Prince perform...

Everyone has moments in their life that they will never forget. I had one of those said experiences today. As an employee of NBC, there are frequently certain perks I am able to enjoy, one being that I can attend tapings of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Today, I was lucky enough to see Prince perform one of his new songs on the show. This is how it ended...

Let me ask you, what would you do if Prince handed you his guitar with the very strings on them still vibrating? Well it just so happens that the guy who had the guitar passed to him writes for TMZ. Here is his reaction to the epic hand-off. FAIL!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Killer Robots and Porn....Utah will like!

I learned two things today that quite frankly don't surprise me at all.

First, the revamped Terminator movie, Terminator Salvation, is going to be one helluvan action movie. This new trailer justifies my claim:

If you don't think so, you can suck an egg!

Speaking of "sucking," I also learned today that the little, sheltered, ultra-conservative, Mormon state of Utah, (my home state) apparently has a hefty craving for Porn. Again, this is not very surprising...

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah is number 1 for online pornography consumption. A study by a Harvard Business School professor says Utah out-browses all other conservative states when it comes to the use of the online smut.

Also, the Tribune article mentions an analysis published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, "Online porn subscription rates are higher in states that enacted conservative legislation banning same-sex marriage or civil unions and where surveys show support for conservative positions on religion, gender roles and sexuality."

Funny how people from the very group that is so FIRMLY against the "perversion of the sanctity of marriage" have, at the same time, online subscriptions to juggs.com and MILF.net! Now there's some true morals one can value!