Saturday, October 27, 2007

"I was a present" or "Halloween with the Odlands"

I've never been asked to be a birthday present for anyone until about a month ago. Angie, my brother's girlfriend (pictured on the right), called me and asked if i would come out to Utah for a weekend to visit my brother, not known to him of course. So I accepted, and even took it a step further, that's right, I am inside that box. I thought not only would it be fun to surprise Timmy, but thought it would be a lot of fun to actually be wrapped like a present. So, Angie and I made plans, I flew out of LA early on a Saturday morning, she picked me up at the airport and we headed up to Park City to surprise him. Once we got up there, I hopped in the box , we wrapped it up and I sat and waited for the birthday boy to come out.

And waited...

Amazingly, Tim was totally surprised and didn't expect a thing. We ended up having a great Halloween weekend. As Odland tradition carries we all ended up getting in costume and went out to eat. Aren't we a scary bunch?