Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mini Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises: ★★★★

Despite not being as good as "the Dark Knight," this third installment of the Christopher Nolan Batman saga makes for an excellent capstone to the prior two films. In my opinion, this is Nolan's worst movie to date, BUT that doesn't mean I think its a bad movie. I watched all three movies back-to-back in the theater making it unavoidable to compare and contrast the films. It was blatantly obvious that "The Dark Knight Rises" was the weakest of the trilogy. However, where the "the Dark Knight Rises" fails to live up to the hype behind it, the film succeeds in having THE best ending of the entire franchise...and what an epic conclusion! Nolan at his best. Regardless, this is a fun movie and Batman fans will find moments of greatness within it. Go see it!!

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